Location: New London, MN


Completed: April 2008


Building Cost: $2.5 Million


Square Feet: 20,000

    The expansion and relocation of the clinic allows Affiliated Community Medical Center (ACMC) to better serve the needs of the New London-Spicer area.  The clinic includes a full team of family medicine providers and the expansion allows room for on-site optometry care, and a complete Eyes + Optical retail showroom with space for up to 800 frames.

    The ponds, bluffs and rolling hills that surround the clinic set the tone for care and healing. Upon arriving, the patients are greeted with a covered entry and non- institutional reception and lounge area.  The building layout is designed to promote good staff communication and efficiencies.  Exam rooms, treatment rooms, diagnostic areas, nurses' stations and physician offices are located in response to patient, staff and provider needs and procedures.  Interior and exterior materials were selected to minimize long term maintenance.  Colors and textures are soothing and timeless.  Special attention is given to patient orientation and privacy.  A healthy dose of natural light and fresh air complete this safe and caring environment.

7601 Wayzata Blvd., Suite #200, St. Louis Park, MN 55426


Phone: 952-544-8941          Fax: 952-544-0585