Location: Buffalo, MN


Completed: June 2006


Building Cost: $13.9 Million


Grades: K-5


Square Feet: 100,000

  The school board for the growing community of Buffalo wanted a school that could host a variety of community events and provide a full-features learning environment for their elementary-aged children.  The design team at Architects Rego + Youngquist met these requirements by providing an appealing, enduring and energy efficient building.  The building is safe and secure for the students, but appears open and inviting to the community.  The school is separated into two parts to answer security needs.  The academic area is separated from the community use areas.  The administrative office area supervises both the academic and public wings.  From its central location, access up to the school and entrance into the school is visually supervised.  The school was designed to look new for decades, not years.  Exclusive use of permanent, minimal maintenance materials were used throughout the building.

7601 Wayzata Blvd., Suite #200, St. Louis Park, MN 55426


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